Meet Morgan Rand

Professional Organizer, Interior Designer & Coach

Organizing is a lifelong passion for Morgan, and one that she loves sharing with others.  Through helping those who struggle with getting organized, Morgan has discovered that coaching is the most effective method to overcome disorganization.  By empowering clients to break down the barriers that have kept them stuck, Morgan’s secret to success is transforming mindsets, while teaching skills and techniques that last a lifetime.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and an Associate’s in Interior Design, the two go hand in hand with Morgan’s unique approach to organization through coaching.  Psychology plays a key role in organizing, and Morgan tailors her organization solutions to each client’s individual needs, lifestyle and personality.

Our environment greatly affects our wellbeing, and Morgan is passionately committed to helping as many people as possible improve their lives through organization.  Living in an organized space positively impacts how we feel, our energy level, and our overall quality of life.  By combining her design expertise with her knowledge of cognitive psychology, Morgan creates beautiful, well organized living spaces that bring a sense of peace and comfort to every home.

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